A Support System for Our Congregation

As much as we’d all like to think we can get through life by ourselves, the reality is, everyone needs a little help every now-and-then.  That’s where our Caring Committee comes in. 

Imagine a group of people to help you with things like transportation to services or doctor’s appointments, visiting you or a family member in the hospital or a nursing home, or even helping with many of the details that come up when you’re sitting shiva.  Well, you don’t have to imagine it, because it’s real…that’s exactly what the caring committee is.  You just need to call.

If you’re a member of our congregation and in-need of assistance, please contact our office.

Why I Joined the Caring Committee

I have always been one who likes to do it myself, be independent, and not ask for help. So when my mom passed away, I decided I would bake something just in case a few people might come all the way out to Colchester for a minyan at my house during the shiva service.  A few of my close friends said they would bring a few things so I wouldn’t have to do anything. Of course, I told them that they really didn’t have to bother…and I made a few little baked goods anyway.

I did not realize the power, the reach, and the extent of the caring community in our temple until the door to my home opened and at least 50 people came in bringing food, love and support for me and my little family.  And not all were temple members!  Somehow the Caring Committee had also contacted my non-Jewish friends who they thought would want to participate in the service.

I was so overwhelmed by this outpouring of caring and empathy, and I decided right there that I had to start helping others from that point on.

-Member of the Congregation