Sunday, February 3rd, 2019, 2:30 p.m. SNOW DATE is February 10th.

In our modern culture we are living longer than ever.  We put our older people out to pasture, even if they are still productive.  And we have turned the natural stages of decline and death into some medical dilemma to be feared and avoided at all costs.  But there is an alternative.  We can learn to harvest and share the wisdom of our elders.  We can become a community that understands and respects our natural lifecycles.

The Spiritual Eldering project promotes conscious aging where elders continue to grow and learn and pass on the wisdom of our life’s experiences to the next generation.  We do not have to fear death when we live with mindfulness and prepare for the “December” of our lives.  Through self-reflection, life review, forgiveness, mindfulness, and mentoring (serving others) we can transform the current paradigm of ageing for ourselves and our loved ones.

This program, which will be an overview of the Sage-ing mentorship work based on the book by Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi:  From Ageing To Sage-ing: A Revolutionary Approach To Growing Older, will include an interactive lecture, journaling, meditation, discussion and participation in some sample exercises.  Reb Zalman’s teachings are based on the Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism), but are presented for an interfaith audience.

What to bring: Pen and paper for journaling exercises.

Homework (optional): Look at the following web sites for background information:

  1. Sage-ing International:

 Who should comeWe are all going to grow old and we are all going to die.  This is our destiny. But some folks remain in denial of this destiny.  It is never too early to prepare ourselves.  So young folks can benefit.  If you are middle-age, you are an elder in training.  If you are over 60, you have much inner wisdom from a lifetime of experience.  Come and share.  If you are over 70, you are a sage among us.  If you have loved ones or family in their later years, you can share this knowledge with them.