We hope you’ll join us on the afternoon of Saturday, January 29, 2022 at 5:15 PM for a virtual Shabbat celebration we’re calling “Service and Service.”   

This will be a service based on the Ritual Committee’s work to center a Shabbat gathering on the core “tikkun olam” (“world-repair”) story of discovering and liberating diving sparks in the world around us and within us, as well as the core value of covenantal love.  We’ll do Shabbat ritual based on those themes for about half an hour, say Havdalah to mark the end of Shabbat, and then do some physical tikkun olam, liberating sparks by contributing to the needs of the community.  If you’d like to come “extra-prepared” (encouraged, but not required):

  • The Service handout is can be downloaded below.  We won’t screen-share, so you may wish to print it out.
  • We’ll be using a few new or pretty-new songs.  If you would like a copy of the song sheet attached, with links to Youtube videos of the songs, please email office@templebnaiisrael.org.
  • We’ll be saying Havdalah, so you may want to have Havdalah supplies available: wine or grape juice, sweet-smelling spices, a candle.
  • Our tikkun olam activity after Havdalah will involve writing thank-you notes to the staff of Generations Family Health Center.  You might want to have cards/paper, writing utensil, colored pencil or other decorating tools, envelopes and stamps available.

Mots’ei Shabbat Service Handout

Please contact our office at office@templebnaiisrael.org if you would like to receive a link to attend this fun new virtual gathering!