Tzedakah – Tzedeck - Gemilut Hasadim

Charity – Justice – Acts of Kindness

Tikkun Olam is ”social action” the Jewish Way.  Tikkun Olam means repairing the world making it the “Very Good” place the Torah tells us it’s meant to be.  At Temple Bnai Israel, we’re on a constant pursuit of charity for those in need, for kindness when someone needs a friendly face, and for justice when we see people wronged.  We invite you to join us in volunteering at the Covenant Soup Kitchen, Windham Area Interfaith Ministry (WAIM) and the No-Freeze Shelter.


A theology which is not a plan of social action is merely a way of preaching and praying. It is a menu without the dinner. – Mordecai Kaplan

We also advocate for more fundamental change in our society.  Our Hochberg Holocaust and Human Rights Committee, recalling the ultimate denial of human rights in the Holocaust, works to ensure human rights for all. Our Tikkun Olam Committee spearheads our Temple’s advocacy on behalf of refugees and asylum seekers.  And our congregation is engaged in promoting interfaith and inter-cultural understanding through the Windham Region Interfaith Working group as well as through collaborations with other groups in our area.

It’s Your World; Make It Better!  Ask the Temple Office to put you in touch with our Tikkun Olam chair so you can get involved.

Let us give to our children a world of which they will again exclaim, as You did on the sixth day, “Behold it is very good!”