Meet Rav Jeremy

A lot of different words probably come to mind when you think of a Rabbi.  Well…there’s a good chance that many of them won’t accurately describe Rabbi Jeremy Schwartz (Rav Jeremy).  Sure, he takes care of all the things you would expect from a Rabbi, but he also does so much more. 

He finds unique ways to connect the teachings of the past to the modern world we all live in today, and helps us all find the Joy in Judaism.  If you want a Rabbi that has a great sense of humor (really) and a love for living life, you should set up a time to meet him!

Rav Jeremy is a progressive thinker & leader who keeps one foot rooted in the traditions of our past, and one foot firmly planted in the modern world we live in today.

If you have questions regarding the congregation & our practices, an upcoming Bnai Mitzvah, or a non-traditional marriage (interfaith, same-sex), email us to schedule a time for you to meet the Rabbi.  Or if you would prefer, you can email Rav Jeremy privately.