Jewry Duty

Your Updated Guide To Jewry Duty

Register For Jewry Duty:

Register Here at LotsaHelpingHands. Follow the prompts. Once your email address is verified you can log-in at any time to choose the dates you would like for 5778.

Having A Problem Logging In or Signing Up?

Contact Marlene at 860-423-3746 or at

Our Jewry Duty system

Temple Bnai Israel celebrates Shabbat every Friday night and Saturday morning, sometimes with services and sometimes in other ways.  While most of our gatherings have a minyan (10 Jews over the age of 13) of “regulars,” our Jewry Duty system helps us ensure that all of our gatherings have minyan.  It also allows sharing the responsibility of providing some refreshment at each gathering.  Part of our reason for doing this is to ensure that anyone who wishes to say kaddish in a minyan any Friday night or Saturday morning can do so.

You will sign up for your Jewry Duty dates via the on-line calendar at LotsaHelpingHands prior to the High Holidays – Yamim Noraim (the Days of Awe – Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur) for Jewry Duty dates through the following year’s High Holidays.  If you are not able to sign-up on-line contact the office for assistance.


You will sign up for 6-8 Jewry Duty commitments per year (see HOW TO SIGN UP below).  On your Jewry Duty dates, you  attend the Shabbat celebration and provide some refreshments.  Each date will have a Jewry Duty captain slot; captains coordinate with the others who have signed-up.  You may choose any dates you wish.   At the end of this document is a list of services to help guide your choice of sign-up dates.  Many people choose dates around an occasion or a family yahrzeit.  Yahrzeits are read the Shabbat previous to the yahrzeit date, unless the date falls on Shabbat, in which case it is read on that day.

If you are not already registered at LOTSAHELPINGHANDS, go to  and follow the prompts to register (it’s easy).  Once you have verified your e-mail address with “Lotsa” you will be ready to log-on at any time and sign-up for your chosen dates.  If you have questions or problems, please contact our office administrator at or 860-423-3743 for assistance.

If you have previously registered with LOTSA, then you need only log-in to “Lotsa” to sign-up for your chosen dates each year. 

Jewry Duty is viewed as a simple and enjoyable kindness that is our obligation to one another as members of this community.  If you do not sign up, we will take care of sign up for you; however, we understand that some individuals simply can’t attend to Jewry Duty functions, or they may strongly disagree with being signed-up.  If either of these applies to you, please let Marlene know. 

Simply log-in to “Lotsa”, remove your name from that date and sign-up for a new date; please try to find someone to replace you on the date you cannot attend.  You can ask another member to “trade” dates with you, or simply find someone who can fill in for you (be sure they sign-up so that we know we have coverage).

Easy, easy, easy – there is an assigned “Captain” slot for every Jewry Duty date/event; simply sign yourself up in that place (if it hasn’t already been taken), and you will be that day’s Captain!  Captains coordinate with the others who have signed up for Jewry Duty on that date to ensure all goes smoothly!

For further information about our gatherings, our Kashrut Policy, special food needs, allergies, etc. please visit our “Lotsa” site, our the Kashrut page of this web site, or ask to have a copy of this information sent to you via e-mail or regular mail.

NOTE:  Anyone who brings food to the Temple should make a conscious effort to exclude nuts of any kind or any food with nuts, nut oils, or nut ingredients, and those processed in a facility with nuts/nut products.

The LotsaHelpingHands calendar will note any deviations from this schedule:


1stFriday of the month: Services at 7:30pm

2ndFriday: T.G.I.Shabbes: A wine & cheese musical celebration to welcome Shabbat and the weekend at 6:15pm

3rdFriday: Tikkun Olam VaNefesh Service at 7:30pm focuses on healing the soul and healing the world.

4thFriday: Shabbes dinner usually at a member’s home – the host/hostess can count this event as one of the Jewry Duty commitments. 6:30pm

5thFriday (in month’s when there is one): “Leader’s Choice”, 7:30pm. (This could be a kumzitz, a discussion, a service, or something else).


1stSaturday of the month: Bagel and Bible study at 9:30am; abbreviated Shabbat service at 10:30.  Those signed up for Jewry Duty bring bagels and whatever fixings they wish for a breakfast study, as well as kiddush.

All other Saturday mornings: Service at 10:00am

Thank you for your participation in our community!