In 2016, members of all the Abrahamic faith communities – Jewish, Muslim & Christian – came together to form a working group with a common purpose:

To promote understanding and knowledge about the cultures & beliefs of our diverse communities, to recognize our shared values, and to respect our differences.

Since that time, the Interfaith Working Group has promoted religious, racial, and cultural understanding through;

  • The sharing of one another’s scriptures
  • Public campaigns on “Welcoming the Stranger”
  • Peace T-Shirt Sale to benefit the Windham Area No-Freeze Shelter
  • Co-sponsored events on combating racism & understanding the immigrant experience
  • Support for legal representation for those seeking asylum
  • Many other projects & activities

Most recently, we’ve helped the Windham Area Interfaith Ministry raise funds for those most severely impacted by the pandemic.

The Interfaith Working Group meets monthly, and all are welcome to attend.  If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please contact us using the button below.