Promoting knowledge of the Holocaust, as well as an understanding & respect for the human rights of all people.

What is the Hochberg Holocaust and Human Rights Education Committee?

As you may have guessed from our name, we initiate and support educational activities in our area, aimed at increasing an understanding of each other’s past and future interactions.

Some examples of what we do…

  • We award grant money for educational institutions to purchase new materials and expand their collections on the topic.
  • We prepare and support annual commemorations & remembrances for Kristallnacht and Yom HaShoah.
  • We sponsor the Anne Frank Exhibit at the ECSU Akus Gallery, and The Rescuer’s Exhibit at UCONN’s Benton Museum of Art.
  • We sponsor a Daughter’s of Abraham book group, whose mission is to explore the commonalities & differences in our religious faiths, as a way to overcome stereotypes, promote understanding, and foster respect among Muslim, Jewish & Christian women.
  • We support a variety of speakers, exhibits, workshops, and interactive events to widen respect for human rights everywhere.

Interested in joining our efforts to help foster a more caring humane world?

Contact our office for more information