Please join us in welcoming Rabbi Waxman, who was instrumental in helping launch our Visioning Process a few years ago, back to Temple Bnai Israel!
December 15th
3:00 p.m.
Reconstructionist Judaism: Past, Present, and Future
Rabbi Deborah Waxman, Ph.D. is the first woman Rabbi to head a Jewish congregational union and a Jewish seminary; Rabbi Waxman became President of Reconstructing Judaism in 2014. Since then, she has drawn on her training as a rabbi and historian to be the Reconstructionist movement’s leading voice in the public sphere. Through visiting numerous congregations, more than 50 at last count (and Temple Bnai Israel is included in that list), making public appearances in-person and online, and in writing for The Forward, The Times of Israel, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Huffington Post and other publications, Rabbi Waxman is projecting a vision of Judaism that embraces all peoples and inspires Jews to be strong allies to the most vulnerable among us.
Rabbi Waxman leads the Reconstructionist congregational union through close collaboration with the Board of Governors, the leaders and congregants of the nearly 100 affiliated Reconstructionist communities, and her extraordinary colleagues in the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association. This matrix of institutions has collaboratively achieved many milestones to support the movement leadership’s vision of 21st century Reconstructionist Judaism.